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We’ve been around a while, based in Sydney but originally from other places (New Zealand mainly) and like many others in Australia having the axe swung above our heads but at the same time taking advantage of the opportunities that are available to us all. It’s been a long time between drinks to realize the dream but KiwiTv is still around and still doing the same things albeit a little differently since 2008. Initially the dream was to be the face of a Kiwi focused platform that delivers video content on demand to the rest of the world. We saw a gap in the market and decided that we wanted to fill it and for a time (a very short time) we were able to do exactly that.

There were many trips back to New Zealand to achieve this goal. Larry Parr among others was a great advocate for what we were trying to achieve and provided the comment, “content is king” that still resonates with us. Mark Jennings from MediaWorks was fantastic and provided historical background and a great view of current Kiwi broadcasting activity.

Seven years on, a lot of water under the bridge and some changes in the landscape – we’ve back providing a platform for Kiwi content to be discovered in one convenient location – here at KiwiTv. We’re just finishing the build and shortly we’ll share this site to the many Kiwi outside of New Zealand that don’t always get the opportunity to watch Kiwi related content.